orlando popcorn removal insider secretsPopcorn removal isn’t exactly a secret or exclusive process. You know exactly why homeowners are having their popcorn texture removed – it’s outdated, it collects dust, and it dampens natural light – and you know that you can have the job done quickly and easily with the help of a team of professionals. Still, having a little insider knowledge before your project can help make the process go more smoothly.

Your trusted team in Orlando at New Ceilings wants you to be prepared and ready to go when your popcorn removal day is at hand. Here are a few things the pros know about your project:

  • Smooth finishes aren’t easy. After your popcorn texture is knocked down, your selected team should retexture your ceiling to your specifications. If you want smooth ceiling texture, you should expect a longer process. This is because smooth ceilings show every little imperfection (the very reason why popcorn ceilings were invented!) so your team will need to use special equipment to apply it properly.
  • We’ve got some prep to do. As we’ve mentioned before, drywall dust has a nasty habit of getting everywhere when it’s let loose in the world. Among the first things we’ll do is make sure that your ceiling fans, lights, and air vents are taken down and that your furniture and flooring is covered in plastic. You can always get a jumpstart on the work by taking down the ceiling fixtures ahead of time!
  • Choosing the wrong company is as bad as DIY. While knocking down your popcorn texture on your own can leave you with a literal pain in your neck, choosing the wrong team is almost worse. If the company you choose doesn’t give you an in-person quote, doesn’t treat you professionally, and leaves you with a mess or an uneven texture, it’s going to take a good deal more time and money to get the job fixed.

The biggest insider secret – and maybe it’s no secret at all! – is that working with a quality popcorn removal company like New Ceilings can leave you with the texture you want on your schedule and budget. Choose the company that produces exemplary work every time. To learn more or to schedule your in-person estimate, call New Ceilings at 407-378-6040 today.