3 people who will benefit from removing popcorn ceilingsStill on the fence about removing your popcorn ceilings? We understand! For most homeowners, popcorn ceilings are nothing more than a cosmetic issue, putting them at the bottom of the to-do list compared to other repairs and upgrades. But if we told you that popcorn removal can truly benefit every member of your family, would you reconsider your decision?

Once you experience life without popcorn ceilings, your whole household will wonder why it took you so long to make the decision. Here are 3 people in your family who will benefit big-time from popcorn removal:


  • Your Partner, the Allergy Sufferer: It seems like everyone around Central Florida suffers from allergies around this time, but there’s a good chance your indoor air quality is worse than the air quality outside. Popcorn ceilings give dust and pet dander a place to cling, making your home a nightmare for allergy sufferers. We bet you’ll experience a lot fewer sick days once your popcorn ceilings are gone.
  • Your Child, the Student: As a school student, your student probably spends a good chunk of time doing homework each afternoon. Popcorn ceilings absorb more light than flat ceilings do, meaning your student has to rely on artificial light for most of their day. Give their eyes a break and make the room feel more comfortable with a smooth ceiling.
  • You, the Captain of Clean: Like we said, dust tends to cling to popcorn ceilings. You could just try to dust it off, but there’s a good chance you’ll knock down some of the texture with it, leaving you with an eyesore of a ceiling. Not only do smooth ceilings leave less of a stronghold for floating particles, they are also very easy to clean with warm water and a gentle detergent.


We love how much a simple popcorn removal project can improve quality of life for the entire household. If you’re ready to experience the change, get in touch with New Ceilings to schedule your free consultation. Call 407-378-6040 to learn more today.