popcorn ceiling removal team won't see popcorn returnIf you’ve paid any attention to fashion or interior design over the last few decades, you know that trends are cyclical. The early 2000s saw a return of the bright neons and crimped hair of the ‘80s; modern interior designers saw a flourish of ‘50s style mint-green kitchen appliances. So if everything that goes around, comes around, why are popcorn ceilings still so unfashionable?

Here at New Ceilings, we couldn’t be happier to see popcorn ceilings go away for good – and it seems we’re in good company. Check out these three reasons why our popcorn ceiling removal team doesn’t think this trend will come back around:


  • Some of them contain harmful chemicals. As you probably know, some popcorn ceilings are made with asbestos, the structural fiber that has been shown to lead to certain types of cancers. While modern designers could use different materials to minimize the threat of any harm, most people still have a sour taste in their mouths from the association with asbestos.
  • They’re not allergy friendly. Today’s modern homeowner is looking to establish their own clean, organized place that’s a safe haven for themselves and their families. Doing so means catering to any health and safety needs family members may have, like allergy sensitivities. Popcorn ceilings are known dust traps and can leave allergy sufferers, well, suffering.
  • They’re not good palettes for experimentation. As you’ve come to gather from our previous posts, a lot of modern interior design focuses on ceiling color and texture. If you have a popcorn ceiling, however, repainting can be a real pain, and you don’t have much room for other experimentation. Most modern designs look best against a smooth surface, not a mottled one.

In truth, popcorn ceilings were never really that trendy – they were cheap for developers and easily hid any construction blemishes. If you’re ready to leave your popcorn ceilings in the past, it’s time to schedule your free consultation with New Ceilings. Give us a call at 407-378-6040 today to learn more.