drywall installation orlando 3 expensive remodeling costsThe drywall installation team in Orlando at New Ceilings has been through their fair share of remodeling projects, and we know just how hectic they can be. Especially if you have a number of different contractors throughout the house, it can be difficult to keep everything organized and make sure the project is going smoothly from start to finish. Whether you realize it or not, however, there are a few slip ups along the way that may cost you extra.

Since we’ve been on projects of all sizes and durations, we wanted to let you in on a few expensive mistakes to avoid during your project. Here are 3 hiccups that may wind up being a big burden:


  • Stop changing your mind. It can be hard to make your mind up on how you want your home to look for the next decade or so, but making switches after the project begins can cost a great deal in time and money. Do whatever you can to avoid changing your mind after you put the green light on your project or you could face upcharges and scheduling delays.
  • Don’t try to cut costs by buying your own materials. Getting your own building materials rather than going through your contractors may seem like a great way to cut costs, but what you don’t know is that your builders probably already have a relationship with their vendors. Ultimately, you’ll probably wind up paying the same one way or another, so it’s best to let your contractors get the best quality materials for your job.
  • Always have an emergency fund on hand. If you take anything away from this blog, it’s to get your emergency fund stocked up now before you think about getting started. Changes and delays will almost inevitably happen, and it’s important to have extra funding available to keep things running smoothly. We would go so far as to argue that the emergency fund is one of the most important things you can do to prepare!


When you sit down with a trustworthy team to get ready for your remodeling project, you’ll be setting yourself up for a stress-free job. To learn more about what awaits you when you remodel your home, get in touch with the drywall installation team in Orlando at New Ceilings. Give us a call at 407-378-6040 to schedule your free consultation.