During the years you’ve spent at your house, you’ve taken a variety of measures to truly make it your home. You’ve developed stunning, eye-catching paint schemes, hung your favorite paintings on the walls, and added your personal flair to your decorating and accessorizing. However, what you consider beautiful in interior painting and design may not be quite as attractive to everyone else. When it comes time to sell your home, here are 4 of the top interior design trends you should avoid to help ensure you don’t scare away your buyers.

  1. Wallpaper and bold paint choices. Wallpaper with bold, busy patterns and bright colors may be a turn-off to your potential buyers. A rule of thumb when staging your house is to help your buyer envision themselves in the space; and while you may have an affinity for royal purple and gold, the same cannot be said for everyone. Instead, select an attractive neutral shade for your walls to help appeal to a broader audience. Enlist the help of a professional Orlando painting company to properly remove wallpaper and prime your walls for your new color choice.

  2. Pet products and furniture. Every pet owner knows that that special fuzzy or feathered friend is not just an animal, it’s a part of the family. However, even if you have the classiest pet furniture around, some people may perceive it as dirty or smelly. Be sure to tuck away your chihuahua’s chaise lounge before your next open house.

  3. Converted garages. Garages are unique spaces in that they can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Still, most potential homebuyers are looking for a garage that serves as an open, clean space to park their cars and bikes. When you’re ready to sell, take down your art studio or workshop, repaint the walls, and make sure the space is organized and clean enough to fit a car or two.

  4. Garish light fixtures. Your Victorian-era wrought-iron chandelier that’s been upgraded with stunning LED bulbs may be the coolest thing you’ve ever seen, but it could steal your potentials’ focus away from the rest of the room. Keep your lighting fixtures simple, and try to rely as much as possible on natural lighting, which will help set a bright, clean mood.

When you’re preparing to sell your home, you’ve got a lot to think about, from staging to signing the paperwork. If you need to tone down your bright decor or simply to ensure your walls are clean and beautiful, contact the Orlando painting experts at New Ceilings, Inc. To receive your free estimate, call us at (407) 378-6040 today.