orlando popcorn removal the advantages of popcornIf you’ve kept up with our blog thus far, you’ve probably figured out that we’re not huge fans of popcorn ceilings. Our team at New Ceilings sincerely believes that every homeowner deserves a popcorn-free home, giving them the liberty to try more modern styling and keeping them free from potentially dangerous substances. Still, if popcorn didn’t have its advantages, contractors wouldn’t have started using it in the first place.

Today, we want to talk about the advantages of popcorn ceilings and the value some homeowners perceive to make them consider leaving their popcorn alone. Here are 3 of the top benefits of popcorn:


  • It helps hide imperfections. This reason alone played a huge part in the widespread use of popcorn texture in new construction. Contractors turned to the texture as it allowed them to hide any imperfections in the drywall and construction. Smooth ceilings are stunning, but having them means you’ll be able to see every little flaw in your home’s design, from divots in the drywall to uneven corners.
  • It reduces noise pollution in the house. Popcorn ceilings are also known as acoustic ceilings for their ability to dampen noise. If you’ve spent time in a home with popcorn ceilings, you’ve probably noticed that it had much less echo and brought in less noise pollution from the outside.
  • It’s cheap and easy to install. This is another big factor in the ubiquitous nature of popcorn ceilings. Installing popcorn takes less time than correcting imperfections and painting, and thus, it usually costs less. While popcorn-friendly contractors aren’t as readily available now as they have been in years past, it’s still fairly easy to find someone who can spray on the texture for you. In fact, you could probably do it yourself with little training.


For all of these advantages, New Ceilings still believes a popcorn-free life is the way to live. Not only does removing popcorn give your home an instant facelift, it also helps improve your quality of life and increases your property value. Check out our other blogs on Orlando popcorn removal for more information, or give us a call at 407-378-6040 to schedule your free consultation.