popcornCeilingRemoval_bodyDecades ago, popcorn ceilings were considered the “in” style for modern homes. They were such a staple for the ceiling industry that they were customized in many different grains, from large to miniscule, and even glitter was used to further accentuate the material at one point! Unfortunately, this is one textured look that has become dated, if not an archaic design feature which has no place in a modern home. Not only is it largely considered to be unattractive now, much like the pea-green of 70s appliances, it actually decreases your home’s resale value and takes away from the modern look your home deserves. Because of the popcorn ceiling’s fall from interior glory, Altamonte Springs popcorn ceiling removal is now necessary to your homes feng shui.

Dangers of Removal

Removing this texturing is a job best saved for a professional and New Ceilings is your Altamonte Springs popcorn ceiling removal expert. This is a dirty task that you do not want to try yourself, as it can also be very dangerous to you and your family’s health. As one of the most difficult home improvement tasks, removing the texture can expose you to paint dust, mold or mildew, and worse, potentially harmful chemicals.

Why You Need a Professional

Your popcorn ceiling removal specialists will take every precaution to protect you and your home during the removal process. We cover all electrical outlets to prevent contamination and remove all furniture from the room. We will also turn off all ventilation to the room and remove ceiling lights and paddle fans. All opening will be sealed with painters tape, and your floors and baseboards will be protected with plastic sheeting to ensure that the mess is contained.

After the ceiling texture is carefully removed, our Altamonte Springs popcorn ceiling removal team will thoroughly clean the room and return everything to its original place. You will be thrilled that our specialized team has safely and efficiently given your ceiling the smooth, modern look that will do your home justice.

New Ceilings understands that each home is as unique as its owners, so we pride ourselves on being the Altamonte Springs popcorn ceiling removal experts with personalized customer service. With us, you know your home is getting the best treatment. Let us help you and your home step into the 21st century with our professional service today!