orlando popcorn removal the difference between professional and amateur popcorn removalEvery homeowner goes through a foolhardy phase at some point in time, rushing in to repair and upgrade any issue in sight. It’s ok – we’ve been there too! After all, you’re the ruler of your domain, so it feels good to be able to be in charge of your home’s well-being. However, certain projects like Orlando popcorn removal are best left to the professionals. Even if it was a good learning experience to knock down the texture, the finished results may not look as polished as you had hoped.

If you’re happy with the results of your DIY popcorn removal, we’re not here to tell you you’re wrong, but you may change your mind when you get to take a look at professional results. From the popcorn removal team at New Ceilings, here are a few differences between DIY and professional popcorn removal:


  • DIY – your shoulders will be sore. Ok, so this isn’t a result you can see, but it’s one you’ll definitely feel for a while after you’re done with your project. Most homeowners who try to tackle popcorn removal by themselves say that it takes a lot longer than they had expected. That’s many long hours of reaching, scraping, and stretching, which can really add up if you’re not used to it. Leave it to the pros and you don’t have to worry about soreness or fatigue.
  • DIY – you’ll probably have to clean up a few times. If you’ve never done it before, you probably don’t really know just how much dust and debris gets knocked loose in the process. (Hint: a lot.) Any loose corner on your plastic sheet covers or your drop cloths can allow pesky texture dust to seep into panel seams, vents, and any other little gap it can find.
  • DIY – you’ll be left with amateur texturing. Many people don’t remember that you have to texture your ceiling before you paint it until it’s too late, leaving them at the mercy of YouTube experts to figure out how to do it. Professional popcorn removers will not only texture your raw drywall for you, they’ll probably give you a fresh coat of paint, saving you oodles of time.

Leaving your popcorn removal job in the hands of the professionals will bring you benefits you can see and feel. It’s time to give your home and your ceiling a fresh start and leave outdated popcorn texture in the past. When you’re ready to schedule your consultation, call New Ceilings at 407-378-6040.