There are a multitude of reasons why DIY projects appeal to a number of homeowners. In carrying out your own repair and installation projects, you can gain a sense of pride in and connection with your home, take care of the project on your own schedule, and maybe even save a buck or two. However, there are just certain jobs around the house that should be left to the professionals–including Drywall Repair Orlando. Repairing and installing drywall is a complex, detail-oriented process requiring experience and know-how to leave you with a smooth, even surface. Here are just a few of the most common DIY drywall mistakes, which can be easily avoided by hiring a team of experts.

  1. Oversanding. Many weekend warriors oversand their drywall joints in an effort to make them flat and even. When this happens, chances are you’ve accidentally removed the paper face of the drywall, which means you’ll need to go through another round of repairs. Properly judging depth and force for sanding is a difficult task, especially if you’re not experienced.

  2. Wall Pops/Damaged Surface. Wall pops are created by nails that have moved beneath the drywall and burst through the surface, creating an unsightly patch. This phenomenon is most common in new houses, and less likely to occur with the use of screws.

  3. Overcutting. Overcutting your drywall entails cutting out more surface area than required around an abscess or embedded device. Filling in the extra space is necessary before finishing and painting the drywall. It can be daunting to attempt to fill in a small drywall patch if you do not have experience with industry tools and techniques.

  4. Bubbled Tape. If the tape used to bond the joint compound does not bond properly, or if it has not been completely embedded, there’s a good chance it will bubble up beneath the surface. This issue creates an unsightly lump on your wall and needs precise repairs to blend in with the rest of the wall.

  5. Cracked Drywall. This requires precise cutting and placement of sheetrock for the project’s success. If you don’t leave enough of an allowance at the edges or you line up a sheet with your door joints, there’s a good chance you’re looking at future drywall repairs due to cracked walls.

Most homeowners don’t realize how complex drywall repair and installation can be until they get started on their DIY projects. Don’t face these common problems on your own. Instead, contact the professionals at New Ceilings, Inc. for all your repair and installation needs. Call us for your free in-home estimate at (407) 378-6040 today.