Most people are accustomed to seeing Orlando drywall (also known as sheetrock), as it exists in nearly every building we enter. Found in both residential homes and commercial buildings, drywall is a versatile and durable material–but why is it so popular? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular benefits of using drywall:

Drywall Is Cost Effective

When designing a new home, a recurring debate seems to be whether or not to use drywall over other materials. Time after time, drywall prevails, making it the most used material in homes. It offers the most coverage for the best price when compared to other materials. It is also very cost effective; when drywall becomes damaged by a poorly placed chair, doorknob, or toy, it can be easily repaired without requiring a full replacement–a quality that other materials do not posses.

Drywall Is Easy to Update

If you’re considering a renovation or remodeling project, Orlando drywall can help you achieve the desired look and feel with minimal effort. Drywall makes it simple to update the look of your home just by painting the walls a new color, whereas other materials may require a full replacement to change the look or design.

Drywall Is Energy Efficient

Drywall is energy efficient and helps to compliment and improve the structures insulation, saving you considerably on energy bills.

Drywall Is Fire-Resistant

Drywall is much more fire-resistant than plyboard or other materials. This means that should a fire occur, the drywall will help prevent the fast spread of fire by keeping it more contained in certain areas of the home. This quality can not only prevent excess damage to your property but it can also save lives, because it gives you more time to escape.

Drywall Has a Pleasing Appearance

Many homes are outfitted with drywall because of its smooth appearance. It is aesthetically pleasing in any area of the home. Prior to drywall’s popularity, plaster walls were the norm, but they were difficult to install and repair. Drywall makes erecting walls and ceilings much faster and easier, and its smoothness makes painting and finishing simple and attractive.

Drywall Enhances Home Value

Because of all its uses and applications, drywall can also boost your home’s value. The only real concern homeowners have regarding the use of drywall is that it can be easily damaged. It actually takes quite a bit of force to dent or damage drywall, but New Ceilings can expertly repair your drywall without anything looking out of place. Call us today to see for yourself why so many people enjoy the benefits of using Orlando drywall in their homes and offices!

Did you struggle with the drywall debate when building or remodeling your home or office building? Which material did you choose and are you happy with your choice? Share this post and let us know!