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3 Ways to Decorate Your Rental and Keep Your Deposit

orlando drywall repair for artwork and decorationsAny renter will tell you that decorating the space to make it feel like home can be a real struggle. Often, apartments and rental homes have strict guidelines on how the unit should be maintained, essentially explaining that your space should look exactly as it did when you moved in by the time you move out. But even if you’re not staying in your rental too long, it can be dreary to see the same blank walls day in and day out.

Luckily for you, there are a number of ways around this issue that don’t involve a week-long repair session before you leave. From the Orlando drywall professionals at New Ceilings, here are 3 ways to decorate your apartment without losing your security deposit:


  • Use 3M hooks and adhesive strips for artwork. These marvels of modern interior decorating are the drywall professional’s dream. Many different adhesive strips are available at your local hardware store in a variety of sizes and strengths. And the best part: they won’t damage your paint or your drywall when you’re finally ready to take them down!
  • Try out some removable wall decals. As you probably know by now, applying and removing wallpaper can be a real struggle if you’re trying to keep your walls intact. Now, however, creative wall decals and removable wallpaper are here to save you from blank walls. You can easily find these decals online or at your local craft store – some places will even let you custom design your own!
  • Store the standard hardware. The vertical blinds and plain drawer pulls and door handles that come standard with many rental properties leave a lot to be desired in the way of decorating. Thankfully, these pieces are easy to remove so you can decorate with eclectic blinds and knobs to create more interest in your room. Just remember to safely store the old hardware so you can replace it before you leave.


These days, beautifying your home doesn’t have to come at the expense of your drywall. Still, especially for first-time renters, accidents are prone to happen. If you’re worried about the condition of your drywall before you move out, get in touch with the Orlando drywall professionals at New Ceilings. Call 407-378-6040 to learn more.

Repair or Replace? 3 Unique Drywall Repair Scenarios

should you get drywall repair in orlando or replace your wallsThe average homeowner probably takes his or her drywall for granted. Drywall puts the finishing touch on and gives extra support to your home’s frame; once it’s established, textured and painted, you really don’t have to worry about it too much more. But when accidents happen, whether they’re caused by human clumsiness or a force of nature, your drywall is probably the only thing on your mind.

When it comes to drywall damage, it can be difficult to discern whether you should patch it up or replace the whole section. From the experts on drywall repair in Orlando at New Ceilings, here are 3 common types of drywall damage and the courses of action we recommend:


  • Drywall damage caused by water: REPLACE. We’ve mentioned water damage a few times before in our blog, and we want to reiterate just how difficult water damage can be to control. Water severely weakens drywall, and even if you cut out and patch up the area you think is damaged, the surrounding area may still contain some dampness and require further repairs. It’s best to completely replace that section of drywall and to inspect the structure behind it while you’re at it.
  • Dents, dings, and nail pops: REPAIR. Dents in your drywall aren’t too hard to repair, and they usually don’t indicate severe structural damage. Whether your dents are from nail pops or from taking a corner too sharply when moving in, as long as they’re not accompanied by significant cracking or crumbling, you can keep your drywall as is and have a professional patch over the area.
  • Complete, through and through holes: IT DEPENDS. Generally speaking, the experts recommend to repair drywall holes if they’re less than 6” x 6” and to replace the section if it’s larger than that. Again, it’s so important to thoroughly inspect the area surrounding the hole to ensure there’s no significant structural damage; we highly recommend you hire an expert to do the inspection.


Drywall damage can come from innumerable sources; if you’re not sure the best course of action or how to perform the repairs, it’s best to leave your issues in the hands of the professionals. New Ceilings is a trusted company for drywall repair in Orlando, backed by positive ratings and consistent customer satisfaction. To schedule your free consultation, give us a call at 407-378-6040 today.

3 Things You Should Know when Selecting a Smooth Finish

orlando drywall installers with smooth finishHomes with truly smooth-finished walls are fairly rare. Take a look through your own home and pay special attention to the texture of your walls and ceiling: they’re probably finished with either knockdown or orange peel texture. Flat, smooth walls give homes a unique, modern look; but most homeowners don’t realize just how different they are from textured walls.

Our drywall installers love the polished look and feel of smooth walls and ceilings, but want homeowners to be prepared for the care and maintenance that comes with them. Here are 3 things to keep in mind before asking for a smooth finish:


  • It’s not just unfinished drywall. All too often, homeowners think that smooth walls are achieved by painting directly onto the unfinished sheetrock. Smooth walls still involve texturing mud, but the texturing technician needs an extra steady hand to ensure the compound is applied smoothly and evenly. Keep this in mind, as your smooth walls may take a little extra time to perfect.
  • Often, smooth walls look best with matte or low-shine paint. In a few of our previous blogs, we’ve differentiated between the different sheen levels of paint. While high-shine paint is easiest to clean, it also highlights imperfections the most, and the smallest imperfection in your smooth walls can become a serious eyesore. Instead, we recommend flat matte or eggshell paint.
  • It might require a little extra care. Smooth walls tend to be somewhat more delicate than other finishes, and we don’t generally recommend them for people with small children or rambunctious animals. When you have smooth walls, you’ll need to pay careful attention to protect them from furniture bumps and other such accidents that are likely to leave marks.


A smooth finish is just one of many great options for your walls. Whether you’re completing a new home or knocking out a renovation, the Orlando drywall installers at New Ceilings can give your walls a professional treatment from start to finish. To learn more or to schedule your free consultation, give us a call at 407-378-6040 today.

Got Your Tax Refund? Try One of These Home Design Projects

hire an orlando drywall repair team with tax refundAh, tax season: the time that brings so much mayhem to CPAs across the country often puts a little extra cash back into our pockets. If you haven’t gotten it already, over the next few days, you’ll probably see your tax refund hitting your bank account. Not sure what to do with your recent windfall? The Orlando drywall repair team at New Ceilings will always recommend a little TLC for your home.

Depending on your unique needs, your tax refund will probably afford you enough of a budget to knock out a small- or medium-scale upgrade in your home. Here are 3 suggestions that can benefit any homeowner:



  • Repainting the kitchen. When it comes to repainting your home, your kitchen is probably the last room you consider. Not only is it frequently in use, it can be difficult to get into all the tight spaces around the cabinets and appliances. But your home could really benefit from a fresh coat of paint, especially if you select something from Sherwin-Williams’ Harmony series, which blocks odors and makes for easy cleaning. Hiring a team of professionals to get the job done can help you minimize downtime and get those clean edges you love.
  • Expanding a room or two. Remember when we talked about updating your laundry room? Expanding the area might be in the works for such a project. Whether you’re looking at a little extra space to relax in your bathroom or more room for cabinets in your kitchen, knocking down a wall and installing new drywall can be quick and easy enough with the help of the experts.
  • Beautifying the yard. Even if you’re not getting ready to sell your home, boosting your curb appeal is always a good idea. Building new planter beds, buying a few fruit trees and purchasing a new lawn mower are all probably well within your tax refund budget. The smallest of changes in your landscaping can really transform your home into an oasis.


Even if you find that your home renovating budget goes a little beyond what you receive in your tax refund, every dollar counts, making now the perfect time to get started on a renovation or remodeling project. Find out what the pros at New Ceilings can do for you. Call 407-378-6040 to schedule your free consultation.

5 of the Most Common Ways to Damage Your Drywall

drywall repair in orlando most common types of damageYou might not have a playful dog that throws caution to the wind or a group of kids who enjoy playing a good game of catch inside the house, but even if your household is relatively quiet, you may still find yourself with a few dents and dings along your walls. Don’t get too upset–even with the utmost diligence, they can happen to the best of us. It’s just a fact of life.

So that you can be prepared for those little accidents, the experts on drywall repair in Orlando at New Ceilings list 5 of the most common causes for dents and dings in your drywall:


  • Furniture scuffs. We’re sure you’ve had this one on your own list before. Whether you were moving into a new home or simply rearranging your favorite pieces, it can be easy to bump a sofa or an entertainment center against the wall, leaving a nasty scratch in your wake.
  • Water damage. This is a very common one here in Florida, where we have humidity and rains year-round. Any leaks in the roof can leave you with moisture seeping in from the ceiling through your walls. You’ll be able to see dark stains and maybe even some decay at the source of the damage and the areas where water has collected.
  • Nail pops. These small round holes are the product of the usual shifting and settling of your foundation. Occasionally, if the drywall shifts too much, nails will be worked out of their final position, leaving you with a noticeable hole. Don’t push them back in when you find them, as you may cause more damage. Simply remove the nail and refasten it in another area.
  • Peeling drywall tape. A special kind of tape is used to hold the joints of your drywall together. If it’s not properly secured with mud, moisture may seep underneath, leading to noticeable peeling. To fix this, you’ll need to remove the tape and redo the compound, letting it dry overnight.
  • Termite damage. Termites are a huge problem here in Florida, and they’re one of the most difficult issues to fix. If you notice your baseboards crumbling, small pinholes appearing in your walls, or even mud tubes running up from the floor, you’ll need to have a pest control professional examine your home right away.

When it comes down to it, your drywall is under attack from a number of different sources. By fixing problems when they arise, you’ll be able to minimize your repair and maintenance costs and keep small issues from becoming huge nightmares. To learn more or to schedule your free consultation with the experts on drywall repair in Orlando, call New Ceilings at (407) 378-6040 today.


What’s Hiding Behind that Hole in the Wall?

drywall repair in orlando for a hole in the wallAround this time of year, things tend to get a little spooky. The nights are longer, the owls hoot mysteriously from their roosts, and everywhere you go, pumpkins follow you with their evil grins. It’s easy to get carried away in the spirit of Halloween, as long as it’s all in good fun. However, when it comes to drywall repair in Orlando, something sinister may be hiding behind your walls–something that needs the attention of the professionals.

Whether you are dealing with a small dent or a large chunk missing out of your wall, there are some things hiding behind the sheetrock that you really don’t want to mess with. Here are a few reasons why it’s best to let the experts take care of all your drywall repair and replacement needs:


  • Plumbing: When your house is built, your contractors need a way to let water flow freely to your bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, and so on. In many rooms of your home, you’ll find plumbing pipes running through the walls to reach their final destinations. It’s easy for an inexperienced DIYer to cut a little too far into the sheetrock that needs to be replaced and nick a pipe; doing so can leave you with a huge mess and a lack of water pressure, at the very least.
  • Electrical wiring: Take a moment to think about just how many items in your house run on electricity. You’ve got your lights, your air conditioning, your kitchen appliances, entertainment gadgets, your washer and dryer, and so on. It goes without saying that it takes a lot of carefully-laid electrical wiring to make sure each and every one of these devices gets the power it needs to run smoothly. The pros know how to account for your wiring while replacing your drywall, leaving your power source unharmed.
  • Mold and other allergens: Especially if you’re having your drywall replaced due to water damage, there’s a good chance there might be mold or other allergens making their home in the support structure of your walls. You may have the forethought to wear a mask and gloves when taking care of your project, but any contamination may lead to your family members and guests getting sick. It’s best to leave these tricky problems to those who know how to deal with them.

While (we hope) there aren’t any spooky monsters hiding behind your walls, there are very real issues you could run into if you fly blindly into your Orlando drywall repair project. This fall, put your trust in the experts at New Ceilings. To learn more or to schedule your initial consultation, give us a call at (407) 378-6040 today.


New Ceilings Is Painting Homes for Heroes

drywall repair in orlando building homes for heroesAs Americans, each of us is extremely proud of and grateful for the sacrifices our military members make each day. Through their brave efforts in service, they help to keep us and our families safe and to pave the way to a brighter, more beautiful future. Of course, those efforts don’t come without their risks, and many soldiers left injured during their time of duty are left struggling to provide for their own families when they return home.

To demonstrate deep appreciation and to provide assistance to those who truly need it, organizations like Building Homes for Heroes help troops to rebuild their lives. Since 2006, Building Homes for Heroes has built or modified homes and gifted them, mortgage-free, to injured veterans and their families. Now, the experts on drywall repair in Orlando at New Ceilings have joined the cause, assisting the organization in their renovations.

Building Homes for Heroes not only provides quality living arrangements for soldiers and their loved ones; they also take steps to help improve injured veterans’ independence by accounting for any special equipment they need in everyday life. Such special features as ramps or wider hallways for wheelchair use may seem insignificant to many homeowners, but for the people who need them every day, they make a huge difference.

As the team at New Ceilings embarks upon a journey to help give back to the community, we encourage you to get involved as well. Building Homes for Heroes welcomes any volunteer assistance and donations of time and money. Whether you’re more comfortable in the middle of the action with a hammer and nails or prefer to host a fundraising event in your community, get in touch with the leaders at Building Homes for Heroes to learn how you can help.

New Ceilings believes that giving back to the community is the best way to help each and every resident grow and thrive. To learn more about our community outreach efforts or to schedule your drywall repair in Orlando, give us a call at (407) 378-6040 today.


Repairing Drywall Stains & Water Damage

orlando drywall repair for water damageWater damage and stains in drywall can be among the most inconvenient issues to arise, occurring when there is some type of leak or plumbing issue in the ceiling. It is often repairable without replacing any of the boards if the damage is minor. Damage can vary from a stain, to needing to replace a portion of the ceiling board, or worse still: deep-seeded mold. When water damage appears on your ceiling, it is important to call an expert on drywall repair in Orlando to consult and fix the damage.

First, your chosen drywall repair team will survey the damage and see if that portion of the ceiling will need to be replaced. If the ceiling panel is soaked or retaining water it will need to be replaced before fixing the drywall. If this is the case the repair team will replace that portion of the ceiling first, also checking for mold and spraying to prevent any more from growing. Once that is taken care of they will work on removing the stain from the ceiling.

This process is done by first choosing a base paint that will either act as a primer or sealant for the stain. Your experts will choose a finishing paint to go over the water stain on the ceiling. Once that dries, they will apply the drywall compound. After finishing the needed layers of drywall, making sure it is evenly coated, they will then apply a top layer of paint that matches the rest of the ceiling. Of course, throughout the process, your experts will be making sure to cover the area and blend it in well.

Drywall repair in Orlando can be a hard task to complete by yourself. It takes a lot of time, effort, and precise knowledge to get the job done well. There are also health hazards–including mold–that are best handled by a drywall repair team that is well equipped to handle any situation and treat it properly before doing any further work throughout your home. Interested in learning more about how to repair your drywall? Call New Ceilings and schedule a free consultation today at 407-378-6040.


Remember New Ceilings When it’s Time to Remodel

Remember New Ceilings for drywall repair in orlandoLet’s set the scene: You’ve just moved into a home in your dream neighborhood, within walking distance or just a short drive from the town center and your favorite shops and restaurants. The house is lovely, but perhaps it doesn’t have the office or den you’ve always wanted; or maybe you want to make the dining room a little larger to accommodate the whole family. How can you keep your location and make the house work for you?

That, my friends, is where a good old-fashioned remodeling session comes in. Whether you need to combine two rooms or create two new ones, a careful planning session can help all of your home ownership dreams come true. However, remodeling is no weekend warrior task unless you’re a true veteran. Here’s how New Ceilings’ experts on drywall repair in Orlando can help you when it comes time to turn your house into a home you love:


  • We’ll help you get those walls torn down. If you’re a hands-on type of DIYer, you know that there’s just about nothing more satisfying than swinging a sledgehammer into a wall to get out all that aggression. However, before you start hammering away, there are a number of components behind that drywall that you need to account for. Demolishing a wall without proper preparation can leave you with damaged plumbing and electrical systems. By hiring a team of experts, you’ll have all those important systems remaining intact as you swing that sledge for a new start.
  • We’ll bring in the materials to get them built back up. You can’t have a remodel without high quality drywall to create your new space. This part of the project is one that can cause quite a few headaches, as you want to make sure the area is square and even. New Ceilings can not only give you the drywall you need, but we can also help you professionally set it so it’s straight and smooth. Forget about visible seams–you’ll forget there was a different wall there in the first place.
  • We’ll prep your new wall for texturing and painting. Whether you want a smooth, clean wall or some texturing to draw the eye, you’ll need a good deal of preparation and planning. As part of any drywall repair in Orlando, New Ceilings prepares and textures repaired walls for painting. That way, you won’t be left with peeling paint or visible dents–you’ll see nothing more than your favorite color.

Make no mistake–a remodel is a big project that requires a lot of dedication and planning. However, with a team of experts at your side, you’ll have the job done quickly and efficiently. To learn more or to schedule your complementary consultation call New Ceilings at (407) 378-6040 today.

The Top 3 Most-Asked Drywall Repair FAQs

drywallrepairfinishAs a discerning homeowner, you want to know that your home receives the highest quality repair and maintenance services available. After all, a prompt, complete repair on a small problem today helps you avoid a larger, more difficult problem tomorrow. To ensure this, you’ve done your research on review sites like Angie’s List, talked to your friends and neighbors, and most importantly, you’ve asked questions.

In their process of due diligence, many homeowners find that they have questions in common with others like them. To help you in your search, here are 3 of the most frequently asked questions about drywall repair in Orlando:


  • How much does drywall repair work cost? Of course, this answer will vary by which company you choose, but prices are fairly predictable. In Florida, most drywall repair projects will begin at about $150, based on the size and intensity of the job. Repair work will have additional costs associated with removing the old or damaged sheetrock. You can obviously expect to pay more if you have more extensive repair and installation needs.
  • Should my drywall be repaired or replaced? Great question! As with pricing, whether you repair or replace depends on the extent of the damage in your home. Simple things, like tape bubbles or nail pops, should be just fine with a simple repair job; however, large dents and holes may need new sheetrock. Additionally, if you’ve experienced water damage, you will probably need full replacement to help prevent mold and mildew. You’ll be able to discuss the details with your professionals during your initial consultation.
  • Why should I select a drywall repair company over DIY drywall repair? Even for the most seasoned weekend warriors, drywall repair can be a difficult task to perfect. Between selecting the proper size and thickness of drywall, ensuring you don’t damage electrical and plumbing systems beneath, and creating a smooth and even surface for texturing, drywall repair takes a steady hand and a keen eye. Furthermore, professional teams already have the specialized equipment to complete the job, saving you a lot of guesswork at the hardware store.


As you search for the perfect drywall company for your unique needs, we encourage you to ask questions and do all the research possible. Finding the perfect fit for your drywall repair in Orlando can make the difference between a lumpy eyesore of a wall or one that looks like new. To learn more or to schedule your free initial consultation, call New Ceilings at (407) 378-6040 today.


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