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How to Remove Your Drywall Anchors

orlando drywall repair experts remove drywall anchorsIf you want to hang wine racks, artwork, sconces, or just about anything that weighs more than a sheet of paper on your walls, you’ll need to get familiar with drywall anchors. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, these devices help to create a firm fitting for whatever hangers you use. But once you get them in there, you may be wondering: how do I get them out?

Drywall anchors were designed to stay put, so getting them out without ruining your walls can be a task. Luckily for you, we’ve removed our fair share of anchors in the field. Below is a step-by-step guide to getting those anchors out of the wall:


  • Assess the type of anchor you’re removing. Not all drywall anchors are created equal! Check whether the offending anchor is metal or plastic, and how big it is. The smaller, thin plastic anchors should come out with a set of needlenose pliers and an easy tug; the thicker metal ones will require a bit more work.
  • Try backing it out. If the anchor doesn’t come out with a gentle pull, try unscrewing it. Using a hammer, tap a Philips head screwdriver as far back into the anchor port as you can. Then, turn the screwdriver counter-clockwise to begin releasing its grasp on the sheetrock. A lot of times, the teeth of the anchor will catch on the screwdriver right away, making removal a breeze.
  • If all else fails, recess it. If neither of those two methods work, your last-ditch option is to recess the anchor into the wall. To do this, use a utility knife to gently score a circle around the head of the anchor. Grab a screwdriver that’s thicker than the anchor port and gently tap against it until it sinks through.

Once you’re done with any of these methods, you’ll need to repair and texture your walls before you repaint.

If your drywall anchors don’t want to budge, don’t force them. Applying excessive force can cause large holes and severe cracking in the area. Instead, get some help from the experts. Get in touch with the Orlando drywall repair experts at New Ceilings to schedule your free consultation today. Call 407-326-9779 to learn more.

3 Essential Skills for Every Homeowner

As a homeowner, you’ve probably found yourself wearing many hats. From host to house cleaner, you’ve undertaken a wide variety of tasks to help keep your home and family happy and healthy. For that, you should be proud of yourself, especially if you didn’t grow up intending to become a handyperson!drywall repair orlando 3 necessary skills

Of course, certain tasks come around more often than others during the course of your homeownership. Of course, the average homeowner shouldn’t be expected to take care of every issue and repair on their own – that’s what the professionals are here for! Nevertheless, making yourself familiar with a few crucial skills can help you save time and money and give you the satisfaction of a job well done. From the drywall repair team at New Ceilings, here are 3 skills we recommend you keep under your belt:

  • Basic Organization. Organization truly is a skill that requires patience and perseverance to develop. While some people seem to be born with it, many of us struggle to find the perfect place for every item and let go of unnecessary clutter. Staying organized can help you save money, as you won’t buy duplicate items as often. It’ll also help reduce your stress levels and boost your productivity at home.
  • Paint Touch-Ups. Scuffs happen, even to the most fastidious of homeowners. While most touch-ups probably only take up a few square inches of area, it can be pretty tricky to make your touch-up blend in with the rest of the wall. A skilled touch-up painter knows what kind of brushes to use, how much paint to apply, and how to make sure the sheen is a match.
  • Fixing Small Leaks. Major plumbing issues are definitely not appropriate tasks for an amateur, but understanding how to tighten connections when it’s necessary can be a godsend in the long run. We’ve mentioned before how water likes to wreak havoc on all it touches when it’s left free to run, so being able to stop up even minor leaks can protect your drywall and prevent mildew and mold growth.

One task we didn’t put on this list: drywall repair. While you can buy an at-home drywall repair kit from any home improvement store, making the patch flush with the wall and matching the texture are different stories altogether. We highly recommend you leave any size drywall repair to the professionals. To schedule your consultation with New Ceilings, call 407-378-6040 today.

3 Tips to Get Your Home Rental-Ready

drywall repair orlando get your home rental readyRenting out investment property is a popular way to earn residual income for homeowners across the country. Some hunt for houses and condos for the sole purpose of renting them out; other times, families move to a new home and decide they’d like to rent out their previous one. Whatever the case, if you’re getting ready to rent out your home, you should be aware that you’ve got a good amount of work ahead of you.

Arguably the hardest part of renting out your home is finding the right tenant. One way to help make sure you sign on the right renters is by getting your home in great shape – especially since your tenants won’t generally have the option to renovate. Here are 3 tips to get your home ready before you put up the For Rent sign:  


  • Kitchen and bathrooms are your first priority. Potential renters tend to pay the most attention to the kitchen and the bathrooms, as they’re likely to spend most of their time there. That doesn’t mean you have to buy all-new appliances, but make sure the grout is clean, the walls are in shape, and there aren’t any crumbs hiding in the nooks and crannies.
  • Make the space attractive, but neutral. Leaving too many of your own personal effects throughout the rental property may make your renters uncomfortable and keep them from envisioning it as their own. Choose attractive paint colors and flooring as appropriate for each room, but keep it neutral enough that they can grow within the space.
  • Go through your basic repair checklist. Once your tenants are signed on, you want to keep them there – and nothing is more of a turn-off than having to call for repairs within the first few weeks. Make sure all faucets and toilets are working, new light bulbs are installed, walls are in good shape, and the air conditioner is still humming to help give them the best experience possible.


With these tips in your pocket, you’re sure to find the right renter in no time. But don’t think you have to undertake all the repairs and renovations by yourself – that’s what we’re here for! To get your drywall in top shape, get in touch with the specialists at New Ceilings. Call 407-378-6040 today to schedule your free consultation for drywall repair in Orlando.

Give the Gift of Organization This Year

orlando drywall repair specialists offer organization tipsEvery year, getting our homes and offices organized takes a top spot on our list of resolutions. After all, a clutter-free environment helps reduce stress, encourage productivity, and gives us something to be proud of at the end of the day. But putting it on the list and actually getting it done are two very different things, and without the right set of tools, organization can be downright difficult.

That’s why we think your loved ones deserve the gift of organization this year. From the drywall repair specialists at New Ceilings, here are 3 ideas to help you bring a little peace and harmony into your loved ones’ lives:

  • For the overworked head of the family: Chalkboard Paint. Managing a family is a full-time job, no matter what age your kids may be. It helps to make sure all assignments are done on time and chores are completed when there’s a centralized family hub to keep everything in place. That’s why we love magnetized chalkboard paint – you can hang notices, leave notes, and set schedules in one neat little package.
  • For the enthusiastic handyman: Pegboard Tool Storage. It seems like a handyman’s toolkit never stops growing. If the DIY’er in your life is always digging through some chest or another to get the right part, help them set up a pegboard storage wall, which is easy to customize and lets you keep all the necessities within arm’s reach.
  • For the makeup addict: Wall-Mounted Vanity. Some may consider the makeup kit to be the tool chest of the face. Though the contents are different, one thing remains the same: they both keep growing. Give your favorite fashionista an easy way to store and organize all their lipsticks, nail polishes, and eyeshadows with a wall-mounted vanity, complete with lighting and a variety of storage areas.

Taking an interest in your loved ones’ passions is a great way to show them you care. Before you install any of these great organization tools, you’ll want to make sure your drywall is in good shape and ready to carry a little extra weight. Need repairs before you’re ready to roll? Schedule your free consultation with New Ceilings today. Call 407-378-6040 to find out what we can do for you.

#WeekendProject: Find the Right Window Treatments for Your Home

orlando drywall team hanging curtains properlyIf you haven’t already done some hosting this holiday season, we’re betting you’ve got company on the horizon, waiting for Christmas to roll around. Of course, before guests arrive, we want to do everything we can to make sure our houses look clean, tidy, and beautiful. That’s why now is the best time to find the perfect window treatments for each room in your home.

Curtains, valances, and other window treatments can often be the finishing touch that leaves your room looking polished and put together. From the Orlando drywall team at New Ceilings, here are some tips for finding the best window treatments this weekend:


  • Keep the functional purpose of your window treatments at the forefront of your mind. Beyond making a room look pretty, window treatments can control the light in the room, add privacy, and help regulate temperature. Before you even start thinking about design and colors, take these functional factors into account; they should help you narrow down the styles, materials, and sizes you need for your window treatments.
  • Consider what you want to leave in or keep out. For example, if you have a stained glass window panel, you don’t want to cover it up with curtains. Conversely, if your outside view isn’t the most pleasant, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t distract from the rest of the room.
  • Make sure you’re equipped with the right tools and hardware. Curtains can be heavy, depending on how much and what style of fabric you’re hanging. Make sure you have the proper wall anchors for your curtain rod brackets to ensure you don’t cause serious damage to your walls. While you’re at it, ensure your selected curtain rod is up to the task as well!


If you couldn’t guess, we want to put the most emphasis on that final tip, as an overweight curtain rod can do some serious damage to the wall it’s hung on. Not sure if your walls are up to the task? Need to correct the last venture into curtain hanging? Get in touch with the Orlando drywall team at New Ceilings. Call 407-378-6040 to schedule your free consultation today.

5 Tools You Need in Your Emergency Repair Kit

orlando drywall repair homeowners toolboxAs a homeowner, you quickly learn to prepare for the unexpected. Whether it’s a leaky toilet or a loose lighting fixture, you’ve got to be there with a quick solution to help keep further troubles at bay. During your time owning a home, you’ve probably amassed a handful of tools to help you with these issues when they arise. It’s incredible how many jobs one simple tool can take care of!

Today, we’re giving you our top 5 repair kit staples that any homeowner should have on hand. Here they are:


  • Screwdrivers, both Phillips and Flat head. We’re including this as one item because screwdrivers come in such a vast array of sizes, but if you have at least one medium-sized Phillips head and one flat head, you should be able to fix a majority of the screw-related issues that come your way.
  • A power drill. Sure, you can anchor every single screw manually, but it’ll take a long time, and your hands will hurt. That’s why we’re putting a power drill on our top 5. It’s invaluable when it comes to construction and hanging.
  • A tape measure. We hope you had one of these on hand when you moved into your house! From hanging new curtains to purchasing new furniture, you need a tape measure to help you set everything up in an even, attractive arrangement.
  • A hammer. Your use of a hammer goes so far beyond tapping down nails – although that is a huge part of its necessity! If you’re a one-hammer kind of family, we recommend investing in a high-quality claw hammer so you can easily remove nails and have a crowbar handy when you need it.
  • Spackle and a putty knife. Of course, spackle dries out over time, so you might want to invest in it on an as-needed basis. However, your putty knife is the tool you need for scraping and spreading – i.e. scraping off an old coat of paint before applying a new one, or spreading compound over a hole in the wall.


If you’ve already got all these tools in your emergency box, you’re a home-owning pro! Still, you can’t rely on this kit for major repairs. If your drywall repair issue is more than you can handle, get in touch with the Orlando drywall repair team at New Ceilings. Call 407-378-6040 to learn more today.

5 Ways to Make Your Home Work for You

orlando drywall installation team improves home efficiencyWhat comes to mind when you think about the best features of your home? Is it the open floor plan? The upgraded kitchen? The luxurious claw-foot tub in the master bathroom? While each of these details is visually appealing, what really keeps us happy in our homes is how they function. Ultimately, without an efficient layout and good flow, your furniture won’t do much to make your home more functional.

While we’re all for making the most of the space you currently have, sometimes an outdated or odd layout just won’t cut it. From the Orlando drywall installation team at New Ceilings, here are some design tips to keep in mind during your renovation to make your home really work for you:


  • Go with the flow. Take time to think about how you and your family move about the home. Are there any bottlenecks? Any hard-to-reach areas? The goal to keep in mind is making everyday tasks simpler from start to finish. Even if that’s as simple as adding a counter in the mudroom where you can set your grocery bags, it’ll help.
  • Don’t make it awkward. Awkward, unused spaces are usually junk magnets – since they don’t have a defined purpose, you’ll throw anything in there to keep it out of sight. Give those areas a purpose! Even if you do wind up using them for storage, add some shelves and organizers to keep things in order.
  • Stay flexible. Sure, it might sound like a great idea to turn the spare bedrooms into one huge game room now, but it may cause issues if your family expands in the future. Think beyond the present and give your layout some flexibility.
  • Multitask. Working with your renovation team, try to make choices that knock out multiple purposes. For example, if you want a built-in desk, install it in one of those awkward unused spaces.
  • Keep it neat. Extra storage will boost the functionality of any home by about 1000%.*  Try and include as much storage as possible, where it makes sense.


Renovating your home can open doors to new possibilities for decorating and function. Having a home that truly works for your family’s unique needs can reduce your daily stress levels and help you make the most of every day. To learn more or to schedule your Orlando drywall installation appointment, call New Ceilings at 407-378-6040.

Beyond Drywall: Adding Dimension to Your Ceiling

orlando drywall installation for ceilingsIf you’ve read any of our previous blogs, you know we’re big fans of drywall. It’s one of the most versatile and useful materials in the construction industry, it’s more flame-retardant and eco friendly than other materials, and it can be fitted to just about any space you can imagine. However, sometimes a wide span of the same material (including the beloved drywall) can be a little boring.

Modern interior decorating is all about thinking outside the box, and the Orlando drywall installation team at New Ceilings is all about imaginative design. Here are a few ways to give your ceiling a little extra dimension:

  • Install decorative lighting. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to create depth in any space. The best part about it is that your options are almost unlimited, depending on what feeling you want to set in the room. If you’re looking for a little ambiance, add some low lighting behind your drop tray ceiling. For something classical, invest in an eye-catching chandelier.
  • Add a splash of color. Who said that paint can only be used on walls? Treat a section of your ceiling like an accent wall and create a splash of color to catch the eye. This technique works especially well with drop-tray ceilings or areas with cutouts, but you can paint any ceiling in your home if your heart desires. Play around with finishes and shades to see what works best.
  • Put up a few decorative tiles. For real texture, decorative acoustic tiles can’t be beat. Whether you decide to install a stripe or cover the whole ceiling, you can find ceiling tiles in a rainbow of colors, finishes, and even patterns and textures. If you’re looking to go a more natural route, modern decorators often install wood panels in sections for a stunning contrast.

Modern interior design has reclaimed the ceiling and transformed it from something purely functional into something beautiful and fun. Decorating your ceiling can make your space look entirely different – whether you want to make it look bigger, cozier, or brighter, you can find a design that works for your space. To learn more or schedule your free consultation, call New Ceilings at 407-378-6040 today.

Repair or Replace? 3 Unique Drywall Repair Scenarios

should you get drywall repair in orlando or replace your wallsThe average homeowner probably takes his or her drywall for granted. Drywall puts the finishing touch on and gives extra support to your home’s frame; once it’s established, textured and painted, you really don’t have to worry about it too much more. But when accidents happen, whether they’re caused by human clumsiness or a force of nature, your drywall is probably the only thing on your mind.

When it comes to drywall damage, it can be difficult to discern whether you should patch it up or replace the whole section. From the experts on drywall repair in Orlando at New Ceilings, here are 3 common types of drywall damage and the courses of action we recommend:


  • Drywall damage caused by water: REPLACE. We’ve mentioned water damage a few times before in our blog, and we want to reiterate just how difficult water damage can be to control. Water severely weakens drywall, and even if you cut out and patch up the area you think is damaged, the surrounding area may still contain some dampness and require further repairs. It’s best to completely replace that section of drywall and to inspect the structure behind it while you’re at it.
  • Dents, dings, and nail pops: REPAIR. Dents in your drywall aren’t too hard to repair, and they usually don’t indicate severe structural damage. Whether your dents are from nail pops or from taking a corner too sharply when moving in, as long as they’re not accompanied by significant cracking or crumbling, you can keep your drywall as is and have a professional patch over the area.
  • Complete, through and through holes: IT DEPENDS. Generally speaking, the experts recommend to repair drywall holes if they’re less than 6” x 6” and to replace the section if it’s larger than that. Again, it’s so important to thoroughly inspect the area surrounding the hole to ensure there’s no significant structural damage; we highly recommend you hire an expert to do the inspection.


Drywall damage can come from innumerable sources; if you’re not sure the best course of action or how to perform the repairs, it’s best to leave your issues in the hands of the professionals. New Ceilings is a trusted company for drywall repair in Orlando, backed by positive ratings and consistent customer satisfaction. To schedule your free consultation, give us a call at 407-378-6040 today.

3 Things You Should Know when Selecting a Smooth Finish

orlando drywall installers with smooth finishHomes with truly smooth-finished walls are fairly rare. Take a look through your own home and pay special attention to the texture of your walls and ceiling: they’re probably finished with either knockdown or orange peel texture. Flat, smooth walls give homes a unique, modern look; but most homeowners don’t realize just how different they are from textured walls.

Our drywall installers love the polished look and feel of smooth walls and ceilings, but want homeowners to be prepared for the care and maintenance that comes with them. Here are 3 things to keep in mind before asking for a smooth finish:


  • It’s not just unfinished drywall. All too often, homeowners think that smooth walls are achieved by painting directly onto the unfinished sheetrock. Smooth walls still involve texturing mud, but the texturing technician needs an extra steady hand to ensure the compound is applied smoothly and evenly. Keep this in mind, as your smooth walls may take a little extra time to perfect.
  • Often, smooth walls look best with matte or low-shine paint. In a few of our previous blogs, we’ve differentiated between the different sheen levels of paint. While high-shine paint is easiest to clean, it also highlights imperfections the most, and the smallest imperfection in your smooth walls can become a serious eyesore. Instead, we recommend flat matte or eggshell paint.
  • It might require a little extra care. Smooth walls tend to be somewhat more delicate than other finishes, and we don’t generally recommend them for people with small children or rambunctious animals. When you have smooth walls, you’ll need to pay careful attention to protect them from furniture bumps and other such accidents that are likely to leave marks.


A smooth finish is just one of many great options for your walls. Whether you’re completing a new home or knocking out a renovation, the Orlando drywall installers at New Ceilings can give your walls a professional treatment from start to finish. To learn more or to schedule your free consultation, give us a call at 407-378-6040 today.

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