orlando drywall repair cleaning your wallsEvery surface in your home can, and will, get dirty at some point in time – it’s simply a fact of life. Especially if you live in a household with children or pets, you’d be surprised by all the places accidents and mishaps can occur. Even your walls probably have a few spots. But as a busy homeowner, you need to dedicate your time to much more pressing chores. Why should you put washing the walls on your to-do list?

While this isn’t a task you have to knock out once a week, it’s a good idea to give your walls a gentle cleaning every few months – and for good reason. Here are a few benefits to keeping your walls clean:


  • You’ll be able to take care of touch ups. Got a couple of dents or scratches that need repair? You’ll need to clean your walls first! Paint won’t adhere properly to walls that are dirty, leaving weird streaks and bubbles – not a good look. Give your walls a thorough but gentle cleaning when it’s time to add a fresh coat of paint for best results, even if it’s just a small patch job.
  • You’ll be less likely to develop a mold issue. This point is most applicable in your kitchen and bathrooms. Areas that are prone to mildew are usually also prone to mold issues, should they arise. Keeping the surface free of mildew and other substances can help make the surface uninhabitable to mold. As a bonus, if you regularly clean your walls, you’ll be able to tell if a more serious issue is arising before it has the chance to start.
  • You’ll save money. The difference between cleaned and uncleaned walls is like night and day. Many of those paint scratches and dents you’ve been meaning to touch up are probably just stains and smudges from dirty hands and furniture. Tidy up your walls with a gentle detergent and you might just be looking at a brand new room for a fraction of the cost!


If you haven’t cleaned your walls in a long time, why not show them a little TLC? After all, they do a great job of keeping you and your family safe day in and day out. To learn more or to schedule your Orlando drywall repair consultation, get in touch with the team at New Ceilings by calling 407-378-6040 today.