orlando drywall repair retexturing your drywall patchWhen it comes to drywall repair, the actual repair process isn’t usually the biggest challenge; making the patch blend in with the rest of the wall, however, is a different story. If you’ve ever repaired your own drywall before, you’ve been there – no matter how much you sand, prime, and paint, the patch just doesn’t want to blend in with the rest of your home. And when it comes down to it, having a mismatched patch is just about as bad as having a hole in your wall.

If you’re feeling frustrated with the way your drywall patches stand out from your walls, you’re not alone! The Orlando drywall repair team at New Ceilings have fixed up a number of stubborn patches over the years. Here are a few insider tips to make your repair a little more subtle:

  • The first step is – you guessed it – priming the area. Just as you’d do if you were repairing the wall the first time, you need to take the time to prime the area in question before you retexture and repaint it. Scrape off any raised areas with a putty knife before you sand the surface. Be careful not to tear up any drywall tape beneath if you’re near a seam.
  • Start applying your drywall compound. The key to getting a smooth, even surface when repairing drywall holes is to use thin, even layers of drywall compound. It’s better to air on the side of caution since you’ll be adding more layers after the first one dries. Let the area dry completely before you sand it down, and always wipe away any dust as it’s created.
  • Feather your compound outward. After your first layer is dried and sanded, start working outward as you make progressively thinner layers of compound. This feathering process will help ensure that the patched area looks flush with the rest of the wall. Continue adding further layers until you can’t see the problem spot or feel any raised patches.

Keep in mind that if your walls have orange peel, skip trowel, or some similarly raised texture, you’ll still need a team to come in and make the walls match. Why not hire a team that can take care of the whole process? New Ceilings is the name you can trust when it comes to Orlando drywall repair. To learn more, call us at 407-378-6040 today.