orlando popcorn removal everything you need to knowThe popularity of popcorn ceilings was relatively short-lived, lasting from the late 1930s through the late 1970s, when the Clean Air Act outlawed the use of texturing containing asbestos. Although all popcorn ceilings don’t contain asbestos, many homeowners across the country have had their popcorn swapped for smoother, more modern textures.

Do you have an unsightly patch of popcorn you want to remove? Here’s everything you need to know, from the Orlando popcorn removal team at New Ceilings.

Why Popcorn Popped Off

Popcorn ceilings were introduced as an easy way for contractors to cover up blemishes and imperfections in their construction. While they were briefly championed as a way to increase visual interest and add texture to the room, their popularity took a sharp decline after the Clean Air Act mandated their end due to the presence of carcinogenic asbestos fibers in the texture. Generally speaking, popcorn ceilings put up before 1978 have been seen to contain asbestos. Don’t worry – if your popcorn ceilings are still intact, it’s not a health threat unless you try to remove the texture and knock these fibers loose. 

Why You Should Remove Your Popcorn

Smooth lines and crisp corners are huge in the contemporary design world, but there’s more than just aesthetics to think about. You should remove your popcorn ceilings because:

They lower your property value

If your house isn’t hitting the mark you hoped in your valuation, try removing the popcorn ceilings – you’ll probably find your home’s value has increased. Popcorn ceilings simply show that a house is a little outdated, and homebuyers want to look for something more contemporary within their budgets.

They make your allergies worse

Popcorn ceilings’ texture allows dust and dander to cling and build up. Sure, you might think that an easy solution would be to simply dust it, but agitating the texture may cause some of the texture to fall off, leaving you with more of an eyesore. Not only do smooth ceilings clean easily, they don’t let dust stick on in the first place.

They dampen natural light

Natural light is the most pleasant source of light in your home. Acoustic or popcorn ceilings, however, absorb much more light than flat ceilings, leaving your light sources somewhat dulled. Smooth ceilings – especially when painted with semi-gloss paint – reflect light better and allow it to spread further in your home.

What You Should Expect From Your Removal Team

First of all, New Ceilings recommends you always get professional help when removing your popcorn ceilings. If your ceiling was put up before 1978, you’ll need to test a small section of your popcorn for asbestos to determine if you can use a regular popcorn removal team or if you need a special hazmat team to remove your texture. If you can opt for the former, you should expect:

In-person estimate

It’s time to stop accepting quotes over the phone or online. When you opt for an estimate without an in-person walkthrough, you open yourself up to nickel-and-diming as the “unexpected fees” start to rack up. Not to mention, a thorough inspection can help you make sure you avoid surprises, which cost everyone time and money. Look for a popcorn removal team that completes your estimate in your home so they can truly tell you what the project will cost with no hidden fees.

Skilled work and attention to detail

Eliminating your popcorn texture should leave you with a modern smooth surface, not another eyesore. Your team should be able to remove the popcorn, touch up the drywall, and texture the surface smoothly and evenly, ready to paint.

Working with New Ceilings

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