If you’re looking to add texture to your finished ceiling or walls, look to the several methods and textures there are available that can really make a difference in that room. Many people have adverse feelings toward drywall finishes and textures, but the truth of the matter is they can really bring about some of the most beautiful walls and ceilings based on the overall aesthetic you want to achieve in your home.  Here at New Ceilings, our Orlando drywall specialists are knowledgeable in drywall finishes; below, we will explore drywall texture options so that you can make a sound decision on the look and feel that you want to accomplish.

Acoustic Drywall Texture

The acoustic drywall texture, otherwise known as a popcorn finish, stands out more prominently than all other types of drywall finishes and textures.  Used primarily on ceilings, this particular texture is known by many as bringing about an antiquated look, more popular in the 70s and 80s.  The benefits to acoustic drywall texture is that it easily hides defects, and it’s not particularly difficult to apply.  The downside to this particular texture is how hard it is to remove.  Many homes built in the 70s are looking to upgrade their homes and ceilings with a more modern look and are typically requesting to remove their popcorn ceilings.  As a value add to our customer’s, New Ceilings specializes in popcorn ceiling removal.

Orange Peel Drywall

Orange peel drywall is a texture that is achieved by spraying on joint compound that has been thinned.  When application of the orange peel drywall begins, you have to be careful that the compound isn’t so thin that it starts to run.  This texture’s appearance is fairly consistent throughout the surface to which it is applied, and it appears as small ¼” spots of mud.  Paint application is required after the texture application.

Knockdown Drywall

This particular drywall texture is the most time-consuming, as well as the most expensive.  The reason it takes so much time is because you have spend time priming and painting after application.  Knockdown drywall is created with taping mud thinned and sprayed on both walls and ceilings as desired.  You let the mud dry for a particular period of time, and then knock them down with a texture blade to create a look that is a bit different from the orange peel drywall.  Paint application is required after the texture application.

Other hand-applied drywall textures include:

  • Venetian Plaster

  • Trowelled Look

  • Mud Swirl

  • Brush Textures

  • Skin Coating

New Ceilings is your drywall expert, and if you’re in need of any Orlando drywall repair or installation, contact us through our website today.  We provide free in-home estimates so we can get an accurate reading for the scope of work involved.