Drywall is a pervasive material used in almost every major construction project that involves building interior walls and ceilings. It is generally long lasting, helps create and balance room divisions for different uses, and provides privacy where you need it.

Like any of our household materials, over time, it can begin to show signs of wear and tear and may need attention. Water damage, mold and mildew, dents and scratches from furniture, holes from replacing light fixtures, outlets, cable connections, and the like, can leave areas in your drywall that need to be repaired.

What to Look for in a Drywall Contractor

Whether your situation requires filling a hole, replacing large sections of your wall, smoothing out nicks and dings, or changing the texture of your walls completely, drywall repair requires precision to ensure that the finished product matches up with the existing wall in terms of texture, structure, and appearance.

If you decide that repairing your drywall is beyond your expertise, the following guidelines will help you choose an drywall repair service in Orlando that meets your needs:

  • Research. Take the time to research available contractors in the area and read reviews from previous customers. Also, ask your friends and family if they’ve had similar repairs done, and who they hired.

  • Interview. After completing your research, contact at least three of the Orlando drywall companies on your list to discuss your project and their prior experience with similar drywall repairs.

  • Credentials. Validate any contractor’s licensing and insurance compliance to make sure you’re not left paying for a project gone bad.

  • Written Estimate. Ask the contractors to provide you with written estimates that clearly lay out the cost of both materials and labor, as well as payment terms, refund terms, and guarantees

  • Check References. A reputable drywall repair service or contractor should have prior client references who are willing to speak to you and explain their experience with the company

  • Read. Be sure to read the entire estimate and any associated contract before signing it to avoid scams. Feel free to ask questions, and if the contractor cannot answer, or if the answers do not feel right to you, consider moving on to another one of the repair services on your list.

New Ceilings can handle all of your drywall repair needs in the greater Orlando, Florida area.  Call us today for an estimate on our high quality, professional drywall repair services to ensure the job is done right the first time.

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