When you are having a new home built or are renovating your current home, you are most likely going to install Orlando drywall. While there are several different types of drywall, local building codes will specify which type of drywall to use. Often, these regulations require the use of fire-rated drywall, but what is fire-rated drywall?

Fire Resistant vs. Fireproof

Fire-rated drywall (also known as type X drywall) is specially designed to hold up better in a fire situation than non-rated drywall or other materials. When answering the question as to what is fire-rated drywall, it is important to note that it is not fireproof–however, it will buy you time in the event of a fire. It does this by preventing the spread of the fire, as well as by standing up against the fire without crumbling.

The extended time you have with type X drywall can be considerable when it means escaping a fire. For example, a common sheet of drywall that is 1/2” thick can stand up to fire for 30 minutes. Type X drywall contains an added 1/8” of material which provides an extra 30 minutes of safety. It is for this reason that fire-rated or type X drywall is also called β€œone-hour fire wallboard.”

Typically, an entire house is not outfitted with fire-rated drywall, it is reserved for areas in which fire can spread quickly, including garages, kitchens, and utility rooms. If the small increase in cost above conventional Orlando drywall is not a concern within your budget however, type X drywall can be used throughout the entire home for added protection. Typically, you would have to make a special request to your contractor, but it can be done.

Other Benefits

Now that we have answered your burning question as to what fire-rated drywall is, we would love to share some of its other benefits with you. Due to its thickness and composition, which includes glass fibers to form a tough inner core, fire-rated drywall acts to better soundproof rooms. This glass core also makes it more apt to stand up to abuse or impacts from doorknobs, chair backs, and other things that could cause damage.

Given these benefits, you may be wondering what fire-rated drywall costs when compared to conventional drywall. Despite all the benefits of type X drywall, it typically only costs around 5%-7% more than typical drywall, and it can be found at all of your favorite home repair and improvement stores, as well as most local hardware shops.

New Ceilings specializes in Orlando drywall installation and repair, and we can get your fire-rated drywall functioning at its fullest capacity. We want you and your family to feel safe in the event of a fire, so call us today to ensure your safety! Also, share this post and educate others of the importance of fire-rated drywall.