drywall installation orlando help after fireAsk any homeowner if they are expecting their house to burn down today, and they’ll tell you no. Fires are sneaky and unforgiving in that way: no one expects them when they arrive, and once they’ve started, it’s hard to tell how much damage your home will experience. Of course, the most important priority in situations like these is making sure your family and the home’s other inhabitants are safe, but the fire itself is just the beginning of a long, arduous road to recovery.

If you know someone who’s recently experienced a house fire, you’ve probably noticed that they’re unsure of where to begin in the cleanup process. While the debris cleanout and drywall installation should be left to the professionals, here are a few things you can do to help out in the meantime:

  • Send donations or gift cards. A house fire is a very expensive ordeal. Not only does the structure of the home itself need repair, but the family also has to replace all their possessions. One way or another, they’ll be spending a lot of money during this time, and any assistance will be welcomed. Get them a gift card to a store they like, or just send a check.
  • Help out with the kids. Any catastrophe on the scale of a house fire is sure to be traumatizing to young children. They’ve lost the only sanctuary they’ve ever known, along with sentimental treasures and toys. Anything you can do to help ease that grief, whether it’s finding a replacement for the child’s favorite toy or taking the young one on an outing, will be a welcome relief for the whole family.
  • Host them for a meal. Even if your displaced friends are situated in a hotel, they’re probably missing the comforts of a real home and a good meal. Give them a break from their situation and offer to host their family for dinner. They’ll be sure to welcome the gift and the comfort that your thoughtfulness provides.

Rebuilding after a fire is a long process, and one that can be emotionally draining. If someone close to you has gone through this tragedy, they’ll need all the support they can find. Another great way to help is to get them in touch with a drywall installation company that can have the house looking like new once the dust settles. To learn more or schedule a consultation, call New Ceilings at 407-378-6040 today.