drywall-repair_orlandoEach year, homeowners in Central Florida prepare their homes and their families for hurricane season by stocking up on supplies, setting up shutters, and ensuring everything is in order in case of an emergency. While our skies have remained relatively clear for the last few hurricane seasons, many residents remember the massive floods, property water damage and destruction that have accompanied the storms ravaging the state. Now, as we enter the summer, it’s time to get a hurricane plan in place.

Even if you’ve had your hurricane supply closet stocked up for years, sometimes preparation doesn’t keep your home entirely safe from brutal storms. With winds that can accelerate over 100 MPH, launching projectiles and pelting rain into vulnerable areas, hurricanes are known for plaguing drywall with major cracks, holes, and water damage. Whether there is water damage from storms or plumbing issues, it’s so important to have New Ceilings nearby.

The Orlando drywall repair professionals at New Ceilings have been through several hurricane seasons and offer homeowners top-of-the-line maintenance and repair in times of emergency. Among other services, we provide:

  • Comprehensive assessment of your home
  • Proper removal and ethical disposal of damaged drywall
  • Complete assessment of water damage
  • Repair of drywall cracks and holes of any size
  • Installation of full sheets of new drywall

And much more.

Now is the best time to get your hurricane emergency plan in place. When you go to stock up on water and batteries and install your new hurricane shutters, be sure to schedule time with an Orlando drywall repair consultant to learn more about how you can prepare and to have someone there in case of emergency. Give New Ceilings a call today at 407-378-6040 to learn more.