popcornCeilingRemoval_bodyHas your popcorn ceiling started to yellow, or has the popcorn ceiling started to flake off and fall to the floor in your Maitland home? Perhaps you just want an updated, modern look for your home’s ceiling? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then contact New Ceilings’ expert technicians to remove the popcorn ceiling in your Maitland home! Call us today for a free estimate for the removal of your popcorn ceiling at (407) 378-6040.

At New Ceilings, we understand that your Maitland home is your castle and you take pride in its appearance. Yellowing and flaking ceilings are tacky and downright embarrassing, and you long for the modern look of a smooth or textured ceiling above your head. At New Ceilings, our trusted team of technicians is knowledgeable in the latest contemporary ceiling styles that can set the tone throughout your home.  Transform your Maitland home into a modern masterpiece with our popcorn ceiling removal.

A lot of homeowners try to take on the task of popcorn removal themselves, only to quickly realize they are in over their heads. Removal of a popcorn ceiling is an arduous task because you have to keep your arms above your head, scraping every last piece of popcorn off the ceiling. Homeowners are also in shock over the mess it makes. Don’t make popcorn ceiling removal a weekend warrior DIY project.  At New Ceilings, we know what it takes to efficiently and safely remove that old popcorn ceiling with as little mess as possible.

Updating your ceiling can uplift your entire home, as well as your mood.  Be proud of where you live.  New Ceilings is here to help every Maitland homeowner transform their outdated popcorn ceiling into a modern masterpiece! Call (407) 378-6040 for your free popcorn removal estimate.