popcornCeilingRemoval_bodyPopcorn ceilings were all the rage for homeowners in the 1970s and 80s, with some even having silver sparkle that resembled tiny mirrors on the ceiling. These days, popcorn ceilings are more of a burden and a hassle. If you have a water leak or other damage to the ceiling it is hard to match the exact texture. Those popcorn ceilings are no longer considered stylish, and don’t add value to your home. They actually decrease the value of your home in the eyes of potential buyers and visitors, that’s why Melbourne popcorn removal is essential.

Today’s homeowners are looking for a cleaner, more modern look. The Melbourne popcorn ceiling removal experts at New Ceilings can help you get rid of that outdated, ugly ceiling.

We can transform your ceilings to provide a clean look without all the hassles of doing the renovations yourself. This is not a project for beginners, as you can cause unexpected damage to your ceilings. Unless you know what you’re doing, popcorn ceiling removal is a difficult, tedious process. There is also the expense and aggravation of cleanup to consider, not to mention the possible health risks associated with falling from a ladder or inhaling popcorn ceiling particles. At New Ceilings, we take care of all of that for you. Plus, you save yourself the headaches (and tired arms) that come from working all day on a ladder.

New Ceilings can provide Melbourne popcorn ceiling removal cleanly, quickly, and affordably. We are a team of caring, vigilant, and experienced technicians that understand the position of being a homeowner. We want to earn your trust through 100% excellence in customer service and workmanship.

Leave your popcorn ceiling mess to the pros. Contact the team at New Ceilings for a complimentary Melbourne popcorn ceiling removal quote today!