orlando popcorn ceilings removal during the holidaysThe holiday season is officially upon us, and with it come the myriad things to do to prepare for guests and parties galore. As you prepare your home for any relatives that are coming into town, we’re guessing popcorn removal is one of the last things on your mind. How can you be expected to knock out a home improvement project when you have so much shopping, cooking, and cleaning to do?

Here at New Ceilings, we actually think that now is the perfect time for popcorn removal. Hear us out:


  • Your guests will be impressed by how much more modern your home looks. Popcorn removal is one of the quickest ways to update your home. Popcorn ceilings keep your home’s styling in the 80s, but a smooth ceiling or the texture of your choice greatly contemporize your decor. When your guests arrive, they’ll feel as if they’re stepping into a brand new home.
  • It’s a fairly quick procedure. When you work with a team of popcorn removal experts like the guys at New Ceilings, your turnaround time is relatively small. Our professionals give your ceilings the full treatment; after we’ve removed your popcorn texture, we’ll retexture and paint your ceilings for you. If you choose to schedule your appointment now, your home will be ready well before your first Christmas guest rings your doorbell.
  • It’s a great gift for the whole family. Removing your popcorn ceilings isn’t just a decision for yourself. There are so many advantages to being popcorn-free that benefit every member of your household. Not only will your family have the luxury of more modern-feeling rooms, they’ll also experience better respiratory health as popcorn is a huge dust trap. They may even find their moods are improved as popcorn tends to absorb a lot of natural light.


We would love to help you get your home ready for the holidays. Between checking things off your shopping list and getting your decorations set up, we hope you’ll think of New Ceilings to remove your Orlando popcorn ceilings. To learn more or to schedule your free consultation, call us at 407-378-6040 today.