popcornCeilingRemoval_bodyThe term “popcorn ceiling” refers to the incredibly ugly, lumpy finish that exists on the ceilings of many older homes in Palm Bay and all over the country. People also refer to these types of ceilings as “cottage cheese ceilings,” as this is perhaps a more accurate way to describe the sloppy, uneven, and chunky texture of these ceilings. Popcorn ceilings really are hideous to look at, and they can drive down the value of a home immensely.

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

So, why do these ceilings even exist in the first place if they are so awful to look at? In the 1950s, contractors were looking for an easy-to-apply material that could seal a room acoustically. They came up with a goopy mixture containing paper products, Styrofoam, and other binders, and they went to work applying it to ceilings all over the country.

Flash forward seven decades, and it’s clear that there are many alternatives to popcorn ceilings when it comes to having a great looking ceiling that also offers properly balanced acoustics. Today there are attractive acoustic ceiling panels and tiles that come in a variety of sizes and styles. They are made of various materials such as mineral fiber, fiber glass, metal, and wood. These ceiling alternatives are affordable and easy to install.

A Serious Health Risk

Moreover, if you are a homeowner in Palm Bay, popcorn ceiling removal and replacement may very well be in the best interest of you and your family for health reasons.

Before it was banned in 1979, asbestos was used as a binding agent in many popcorn ceiling mixtures. In fact, even if your house was built after 1979, you still can’t be 100% sure that your popcorn ceilings do not contain asbestos. Regulatory agencies allowed the existing stock of popcorn ceiling mixtures to remain in circulation for economic reasons. Thus, new popcorn ceilings containing asbestos continued to be part of construction well into the 1980s.

Not an Easy Task

Clearly it is time to get rid of your popcorn ceiling. However, this task is extremely demanding and beyond the scope of even the most ardent do-it-yourselfers. Besides, if your ceiling does contain asbestos, you will need to hire a licensed contractor that specializes in asbestos removal.

New Ceilings is the best company when it comes to popcorn ceiling removal in Palm Bay. We can provide this service in an efficient manner, and we will handle every aspect of the job. Your furniture, floor, and other fixtures will be protected during the removal process, and the entire cleanup will be handled quickly. Our team of experts is the most qualified to complete this physically straining and complicated task.

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