You’ve probably done a lot of do-it-yourself projects around your home. Simple things like repainting and putting in wood flooring are things that most homeowners can manage without too much trouble. However, when it comes to popcorn removal in Orlando, it may be time to call in the professionals.

According to, there are three types of projects that are better left to professional contractors. These projects include electrical work, knocking down walls, and popcorn removal in Orlando. While I’m sure electrical work is probably the most obvious of the three, unless you’re a certified electrician, popcorn ceiling removal has a good reason for being off of the DIY project list.

  • Harsh chemicals in your ceilings can be dangerous-A number of older houses have been known to have harsh chemicals within the ceiling structure.  Many of these chemicals can cause physical harm or injury, from skin reactions to respiratory infections.  Don’t take risks with your family’s health.  If you have any uncertainty about what chemicals can be found within your ceiling, hiring a certified professional to remove your popcorn ceiling is the safest route.  The expert technicians at your chosen company will have the tools and experience needed to safely and efficiently remove any harmful substances.

  • Texturing popcorn ceilings is harder than it looks -One of the great things about popcorn is that it hides imperfections in your ceiling. However, once you remove your old ceiling and replace it with new drywall, you need to refinish it in order to make it look nice. Refinishing, texturing, and painting is not as easy as it looks. Sure you can buy cans from most home improvement stores that you spray on after installation, but rarely does it ever match the existing popcorn. Even though it seems simple, if you want it to look nice, it’s best to have a professional re-texture and paint your popcorn ceiling for you.

  • Hiring a professional is cheaper – When you consider the cost involved in popcorn removal in Orlando and the subsequent retexturing (and getting it wrong several times before you truly master the technique), it’s definitely cheaper to hire a professional. You might be surprised to find the popcorn ceiling removal is much cheaper than you would have thought.

Instead of dealing with the stress of removing your own popcorn ceiling, contact a professional today. The experts at New Ceilings, Inc. are more than capable of removing your popcorn ceilings for an affordable price, while promising superior end results.