popcorn removal team orlando sifting through yelp reviewsSince its arrival on the scene in 2004, Yelp has acted as a forum for customers to connect with businesses, to leave their feedback and recommend their favorite spots to others. While this is an important service and can be tremendously helpful for businesses seeking exposure and consumers looking for new services, it’s also brought along a handful of issues and new difficulties to navigate for both parties.

The Orlando popcorn removal team at New Ceilings is happy to be listed on Yelp as part of the community; however, we want to make sure you’re getting the most of your search for a new contractor! Here are 3 pitfalls to avoid when you’re finding a popcorn removal team on Yelp:

  • Some Businesses Pay to Play. While anyone can post on Yelp to voice their opinions, and businesses can maintain their profiles for free, there is a pay to play option. Take a look at a business’ reviews, and you’ll probably see a few reviews for other related companies popping up at the top. This feature allows a business to take the top positions for results in their area, and can be a little confusing! Always check for the yellow AD tag next to the reviews you’re reading.
  • Some Reviews Aren’t Relevant. Yelp has changed the way consumers act toward businesses, and we’ve noticed a few reviews that aren’t really relevant to the customer experience. Be sure to take the time to read through the full review, especially if it’s a negative one. Sometimes, customers just want to be heard and will post, even if it’s not immediately pressing.
  • Some Quote Requests Won’t Be Accurate. Yelp allows customers to directly message a business they like for a quote on their popcorn removal job. While it’s great to get a quick response so you can plan your budget, we like to avoid online and over-the-phone quotes so that we can give you an accurate estimate for the job. Accepting a quote from Yelp may open you to “hidden costs” and a bigger bill than you’d anticipated.

Overall, Yelp is a great place to start when you’re looking for a quality popcorn removal team in Orlando. Just make sure you dig a little deeper below the surface results to make sure you’re getting accurate information and the reviews are on topic. To learn more about why we’re one of the best popcorn removal companies in the area, get in touch with New Ceilings at 407-378-6040 today.