orlando drywall repair remodeling tips to help you stay saneNo matter how much we love our significant others, we don’t always see eye to eye on how to decorate and organize our homes. This fact is amplified when you throw a remodeling project into the mix – which rooms should you start with? What are your biggest problem areas in the house? How much can you set aside for a budget? Without open communication and patience, remodeling can quickly turn into a disaster.

The Orlando drywall repair team at New Ceilings wants you to love your home remodel from start to finish. Instead of letting things get out of hand, here are a few tips to help you and your loved ones stay sane while giving your home a facelift:


  • Take the time to talk openly before you put details on paper. The biggest issue that couples face during their remodeling projects is feeling like their thoughts are going unheard. Give yourselves the time to do some brainstorming and get all of your ideas and concerns down on paper before you get into the nitty gritty of planning. That way, you’ll be able to incorporate your big ideas into the process.
  • Write out a detailed budget. Any money problems are enough to shake a couple’s foundation, and running out of money during renovation is no exception to that rule. Before you even start looking at contractors, write out a line-item budget for the work you want done and leave plenty of room for emergencies. If you’re not sure you’ll have enough, it might be best to push off your project until you can save up.
  • Remember that life is going to be different for a little while. Depending on the intensity of your remodeling, you may have to stay in a hotel while the project is ongoing, or you may just have certain areas of your house that are temporarily unusable. Make sure you lay out an alternate routine to help you when certain rooms are blocked off – you may have to make coffee in the living room or shower in the guest bathroom, but you can make it work!


One of the best ways to eliminate stress during your remodeling project is to work with a team of trustworthy Orlando drywall repair professionals. If you’re ready to get started, call New Ceilings at 407-378-6040 to schedule your free consultation.