Orlando Drywall Repair difference between a handyman and a contractorAs you’ve been searching for the right person to take care of your drywall repair, you’ve probably come across a number of listings for local handymen. A slightly old-fashioned term, a handyman’s title says it all – he’s handy around the house and can help you fix a variety of issues around the house. You’ve probably also noticed that the handymen’s fees are lower than those of the general contractors you’ve found – so who should you pick to do your repair work?

Here at New Ceilings, we always recommend that you don’t make your selections based on price alone. The key difference between a handyman and a drywall repair contractor is the licensing required by the state. According to the state of Florida, a handyman does not require a license to perform basic repair and maintenance tasks for homeowners. This allows them to keep their costs lower.

That’s not to say that a handyman’s work is lower in quality. The handyman you’ve found are hopefully backed by a handful of positive reviews, whether online or by word of mouth. Working as a handyman is a good way to provide homeowners with affordable repairs around the house. The licensing really comes in for bigger jobs, i.e. those that require the person doing the repairs to work with plumbing or electrical systems.

So when should you hire a handyman for your home? In general, we would say you can easily use a handyman for smaller jobs. Think a couple small nail pops, a clogged disposal, or installing a ceiling fan. When it comes to repairing, replacing, or installing larger sections of wall, however, it’s best that you leave the work to the licensed professionals like the drywall repair team at New Ceilings.

Are you ready to find the right drywall repair professionals for your needs? Checking their licensing and credentials is a good place to start. Always make sure your selected drywall repair company comes out in person to give you an estimate so they know the full scope of the project and you’re not nickled and dimed when the bill comes. To learn more or to schedule your free consultation, call New Ceilings at 407-378-6040 today.