find a popcorn removal contractor in Orlando with online review sitesLately, we’ve been discussing the ins and outs of finding the right popcorn removal contractor in Orlando using sites like Yelp, Thumbtack, Angie’s List, and more. Each of these sites has presented new opportunities for consumers to find professionals, but each also presents unique pitfalls. As you go through these guides, you might be wondering, why are there so many different review sites? Don’t they all do the same thing?

In truth, each of these contractor review sites filles a specific niche. Need to figure out where to start your popcorn removal search? Here’s some info on a handful of major review sites and what they offer you:


  • Angie’s List: If you’ve had to take care of a small repair around the house before, you probably know about Angie’s List. This site uses a proprietary software that prevents companies from reviewing themselves favorably and presents users with the most accurate reviews at all times. The order in which reviews appear may change based on advertising, but they’ll be representative of what you’ll really get.


  • HomeAdvisor: HomeAdvisor places its priorities on keeping homeowners and their property safe during any and every home improvement project. They use third-party software to perform background checks on every company that signs up for a business account. They present results in manageable groups of up to 4, so your choice is easy and safe.
  • This is a great choice if you’re a DIY enthusiast who wants a professional to take over your next project. This platform allows you to browse through millions of home improvement projects and get in touch with the contractors that carried them out. It also gives you quick access to each company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau.



Each review site is slightly nuanced from the others, giving you plenty of options based on your working style and design preferences. We recommend Angie’s List and Thumbtack to find accurate, useful reviews, but you can’t go wrong when it comes to word-of-mouth recommendations. To learn more or to schedule your appointment for popcorn removal in Orlando, call New Ceilings at 407-378-6040 today.