drywallRepair_bodySheetrock or drywall is a material used in the construction of walls or ceilings in nearly every home and business. It can also be used to repair holes that cover a significant area in plaster walls. One of the most common areas of drywall that becomes damaged as a home or business ages is the area around windows and doors. Often, recurring cracks will appear at the corners of windows and doors and it seems that every time they are patched, they return the following year.

For most minor cracks, an aluminum screen wall patch will simplify and greatly speed up the Winter Park drywall repair process, letting the drywall repair contractor finish fast, in turn saving you money. For recurring cracks, however, the only way to fix the crack and prevent it from coming back is by bridging the crack with a new sheet of drywall. This process, which includes cutting old drywall, cutting a new piece to fit, matching texture, filling the seams, and painting to match the area, can take up to 48 hours, including drying time.

Cracks aren’t the only problems your walls can face. Doorknobs, misguided chairs, and even toy mishaps can leave an unsightly hole or dent that requires patching. If your home or business is suffering from uneven or cracked drywall damage, contact the experts at New Ceiling. We excel in Winter Park drywall repair. Our goal is to leave your wall perfectly texture and color matched to parallel the original. Our repairs are always perfectly blended at the repair seams so that the hold or any sign of repair will be invisible to the naked eye.

Repairing drywall can be a daunting, tedious process and it may not be a project that you want to take on by yourself. When you contact New Ceilings for an estimate, we will send a professional Winter Park drywall repair technician to your home to evaluate the damage. Following the evaluation, we will provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation cost estimate for the repair project. We will then accurately match the original texture of your walls and/or ceilings when making the repair so it looks just as it did when new.

New Ceilings specializes in Winter Park drywall repair and the removal of popcorn ceiling material. If you need drywall repair in the Winter Park, FL area and are interested in our pricing and process, we invite you to contact New Ceilings today through our website. We look forward to working with you and providing the best possible quality of workmanship for the most reasonable prices in the area.